successful individuals from first generation immigrant backgrounds with traditional parents. Trough my services, i help my clients navigate the unique challenges they face in balancing their cultural heritage with their personal and professional aspirations. By providing guidance, support, and practical strategies, i enable my clients to achieve their goals and live fulfilling, authentic lives.

Sebastien Bassong Nguena

is a speaker and a coach that leaves a profound mark on people especially those who have traditional parents like him and provides them what he didn’t have growing up and during his successful Football career. His mission in life has always been to impact the next generation to be able to embrace their true potential, be fulfilled with who they truly are, unleash and master their super powers. He does it through powerful, and inspirational keynotes speeches, courses, and coaching programs so they can become walk powerfully into their life purpose and live and not survive into this world.

You can master every area of your life if you become self aware and authentic.

Achieving success requires hard hitting dedication, which is why Sebastien is here for today’s individuals who are struggling balancing their cultural heritage with their personals and professionals aspirations traditional. Mental strength is something we all need in our lives.
But the most important question is WHY. That is what make the difference between waking up and going to bed, eating healthy, or eating junk food. The WHY is crucial. Mental toughness means not getting overwhelmed by challenges but identifying how to go about them, and finding solutions that work for you according to who you are even if they’re unconventional.
With this knowledge at hand, Sebastien helps this generation with traditional parents to establish a new way of communication, to get the full control of their lives so they can become the persons that they born to be, so they can live a happier and more fulfilling lives than ever before.

A bit about Sebastien

Sebastien is a French born Cameroonian and former football player, playing in some of the most prestigious clubs. From a young age, he experienced major success with football, but not without his share of heartbreak and experiences that made him who he is today. He uses his passion and life story to drive change and make a positive impact on our youth today.

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Sebastien covers core topics that lead to life changing transformation:

  • Personal development
  • Mental toughness
  • Performance
  • Consistency
  • Professional development 

Inspiring people to live authentically and fully, Sebastien is on a mission.

Seb wants our first generation of immigrant to know who they truly are and to make the difference between who they are and the role they have been assigned to have! That no one is too small or insignificant for this world. We all have something special about us which sets our lives apart from anyone before us in time.

Why choose Sebastien?

  • Speaks from experience and valuable lessons learned
  • First-hand experience in many prestigious football clubs
  • Will instill mental toughness and determination in youth and adult successful individuals.
  • Motivates and challenges the individuals to go further and never give up
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