Sebastien Bassong Nguena is a globally acclaimed speaker, coach, and former pro athlete that helps Millennials and Gen Z achieve their full potential. He has created an avenue where he can impart all his wisdom and experience, so others don't have to go through the tough times that he did. He has coached Elite mindset individuals from all corners of the world and helped them reach their full potential. Sebastien is driven by inspiring, motivating, and changing as many lives as possible through his work as a speaker and coach.

Sebastien offers the following services:


Sebastien is an incredibly dynamic speaker who loves to interact with his audience members. He uses humor, real-life experiences, and relevant stories to motivate them into becoming better individuals on and off their specific field. He speaks about his unique challenges in the game and how he overcame them. and make them relevant to his audience. He also offers strategies on how the Millenials and Gen Z can use their super powers and become the best version of themselves while giving tips to help them whether it is on a football pitch ,at school,at their current or future jobs and personal lives. These topics are important to him because he is passionate about empowering others to take what is available to them,  helping others avoid challenges he faced, as well as navigating through anything while coming out on top.

What you can expect:

He typically speaks at corporations programs, football club facilities and training arenas. Millenials and Gen Z can grow from Sebastien's speeches by learning what it takes to become a multi dimensional human being who will make the best of his opportunities.

Speaking content includes:

Personal development
Developing the right habits to achieve success

Your return on investment will come from the audience understanding how to be a great teammate, colleague, and leader, improving in whatever they get their heads into, increased self-confidence, better understanding of themselves and others, and improved personal life.

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Sebastien is an excellent young dynamic engaged coach that helps any Elite mindset Millennials and Gen Z improve, master their natural super powers, mental strength, and how to deal with adversity. He swims against the tide by cultivating focus, grit, optimism, joyfulness, resilience, and self-confidence. He believes these traits are vital as long as you can understand your uniqueness and how you are naturally wired . He is a great mentor for those who want to be coached on the mental side of the game and accomplishing their goals.

How it works:

Sebastien offers coaching online as well as in person. He follows a process to understand more about who his client is and what drives them, as well as identifying habits that get in their way. After that he will work with them to go after and achieve their goals.

Coaching sessions include:

A strong focus on personal development
Tools, tactics, and advice to build confidence and courage to improve academically, athletically, and socially
Lessons learned from someone who’s experienced great success and learned from failures
Customized goal setting and action plans tailored to each client

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Sebastien offers courses designed to help participants understand themselves and others better so they can achieve their goals with strategy behind them. His courses coach the youth on how to set, track, and accomplish short-term as well as long-term goals. He challenges his students to think big and aim high so they can expand their limit. He helps them understand who they are, what they want, and how to go get it.

Students can expect to learn:

How to handle mistakes, so setbacks become learning experiences rather than roadblocks
Direction, motivation, and accountability to handle adversity like a champion to prepare them for their present and future
Identifying, tracking, and achieving goals
Self-control and focus to win on and off the field

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